Tubo is a streaming front-end focused on bringing the NewPipe experience to the web. It aims at providing a clean and simple user interface to consume media from your favorite streaming platforms. It currently supports the same services as NewPipe, including YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and more.

To retrieve the data, it wraps the excellent NewPipe Extractor library and it exposes the extracted data over a REST API that is consumed by a local re-frame SPA.


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  • [X] No ads
  • [X] Background player
  • [X] Playback queue
  • [X] Bookmarked Playlists
  • [X] Settings
  • [ ] Subscriptions
  • [ ] User login


URL Country
https://tubo.migalmoreno.com (Official) 🇪🇸
https://tubo.reallyaweso.me 🇩🇪
https://tubo.ducks.party 🇩🇪



  • Uberjar

    To bundle the whole project into a self-contained uber-jar you need to follow these build steps:

    npm i
    npm run build
    clojure -T:frontend:build uberjar

    After the last command is completed, you'll get a path to the uber-jar, which you can run like this:

    java -jar target/tubo-<VERSION>.jar
  • Docker

    Alternatively, you can use Docker to set up Tubo. Simply invoke this:

    docker-compose up -d
  • Manual

    You can also set up Tubo manually via the GNU Guix package manager. First, download the necessary tooling:

    cd /path/to/tubo
    guix shell

    Then, compile the downloader ahead-of-time:

    clojure -M -e "(compile 'tubo.downloader-impl)"

    Fetch the front-end dependencies and build the front-end assets.

    npm i
    npm run build

    Finally, compile the front-end.

    clojure -M:frontend release tubo

    You can now start a local server that listens on port 3000 by running this:

    clojure -M:run

    Access the front-end in your browser at http://localhost:3000.

Reverse Proxy

If you want to self-host Tubo and make it publicly accessible you'll need to set up a reverse proxy.

  • Nginx
    server {
        listen 443 ssl http2;
        server_name tubo.<YOUR_DOMAIN>;
        ssl_certificate /etc/letsencrypt/live/tubo.<YOUR_DOMAIN>/fullchain.pem;
        ssl_certificate_key /etc/letsencrypt/live/tubo.<YOUR_DOMAIN>/privkey.pem;
        location / {
            proxy_pass http://localhost:3000;
            proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $remote_addr;
            proxy_set_header HOST $http_host;

Browser Extension Support


You can manually add any redirect rule based on regex patterns with this extension. Below are some sample configurations to redirect links from supported services to Tubo so you can get a basic idea of how to write manual Redirector rules. Note the serviceId of each service is: YouTube (0), SoundCloud(1), media.ccc.de(2), PeerTube(3), and Bandcamp(4). Replace https://tubo.migalmoreno.com/ in the redirect rule to the instance of your choice.

Description: YouTube video to Tubo stream
Example URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE7VzlLtp-4
Include pattern: ^((?:https?://)(?:www.)?youtube.com/(watch\?v.*|shorts/.*))
Redirect to: https://tubo.migalmoreno.com/stream?url=$1
Example result:
Pattern type: Regular Expression
Apply to: Main window (address bar)

Description: SoundCloud stream to Tubo stream
Example URL: https://soundcloud.com/unfa/stop-the-panic
Include pattern: ^((?:https?://)(?:www.)?soundcloud.com/.*/.*)
Redirect to: https://tubo.migalmoreno.com/stream?url=$1
Example result:
Pattern type: Regular Expression
Apply to: Main window (address bar)

Description: Bandcamp album to Tubo playlist
Example URL: https://unfa.bandcamp.com/album/suppressed
Include pattern: ^((?:https?://)(.*\.)?bandcamp.com/album/.*)
Redirect to: https://tubo.migalmoreno.com/playlist?url=$1
Example result: https://tubo.migalmoreno.com/playlist?url=https://unfa.bandcamp.com/album/suppressed
Pattern type: Regular Expression
Apply to: Main window (address bar)

Description: PeerTube (Framatube) channel to Tubo channel
Example URL: https://framatube.org/accounts/framasoft@framatube.org
Include pattern: ^((?:https?://)(?:www.)?framatube.org/accounts/.*)
Redirect to: https://tubo.migalmoreno.com/channel?url=$1
Example result:
Pattern type: Regular Expression
Apply to: Main window (address bar)

Description: media.ccc.de search query to Tubo search query
Example URL: https://media.ccc.de/search/?q=37c3
Include pattern: ^(?:https?://)media.ccc.de/search/\?q=(.*)
Redirect to: https://tubo.migalmoreno.com/search?query=$1&serviceId=2
Example result: https://tubo.migalmoreno.com/search?query=37c3&serviceId=2
Pattern type: Regular Expression
Apply to: Main window (address bar)


Redirects many popular services to their alternative front-ends. Has a ton of features and an active community. Tubo is supported by default for YouTube and SoundCloud, so no need to do anything for these. The rest of services are pending as per #884.

Privacy Redirector

A userscript that redirects popular social media platforms to their privacy respecting front-ends.